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About Stacy's Jewelry Collection

My love of jewelry started early. Etched in my memory is the joy of going through my Mom's jewelry box with her. We'd talk about each item, and its history, as we tried the various pieces on. 


Ten years ago, I took some classes at my local art center with a well-known Chicago metalsmith. I was captivated with jewelry making and started creating my own designs for select customers. 

I am still intrigued by the whole metalworking process and I eagerly continue to study new techniques of jewelry construction. My particular joy is creating one of a kind items using found objects or gorgeous natural materials.  Some of these pieces are traditional, others are eclectic or modern. 

My collection includes both jewelry that I have made entirely from scratch and jewelry that incorporates unique "found" objects. These found object jewelry pieces delight me as they include very special items that I have rescued and restored and they are shown under the CURATED COLLECTION tab. 

Please look through the various items in my collection. My commitment to you is that you will have a piece that is uniquely yours.


 I hope you find something you love, too!


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