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Artisan Marketplace 2022

My booth at the NWC Artisan Marketplace 2022


Beautiful Sarah models her her new baroque necklace, bracelet and earrings!

milas earrings

Faceted crystal earring on lovely Mila at her wedding in Croatia!

My friend Julie with a lapis and silver long necklace.

My friend Julie wearing two necklaces that I created.

Mom & Twin, Two Types of Pearl Necklaces

My mom, Marilyn, and her identical twin, Margie, celebrating their 90th with SJC necklaces!

Keshi pearls with pink briolettes

Lovely keshi pearls with pink briolets!

Pearls with vintage pendant

Beautiful Jessie with pearls and a changeable focal pendant.

Pearls with coin pendant at clasp

Bezeled coin as focal point/clasp on these classic pearls.

Coin pearl earring with pave

"Pearl plus" earrings--a simple coin pearl with added zip! A nice twist on a classic.

Coin pearl earrings on me!

Smiling Vicki and I at a golf outing wearing my signature "pearl plus" earrings.

Keshi Pearl Necklace and earrings

Jessie and I at her engagement party--with those keshi pearls I love!

Trinity Christmas Market 2022

Christmas Market at Trinity By the Cove 2022

Three strand keshi necklace on gold chain

My daughter Katie and husband Joe with baby Robert--and triple strand keshi necklace from yours truly.

Porcelain flower with matching beads

A one of a kind porcelain flower that I painted, attached to chunky white stone beads....

My friend Carole with horn necklace, I am wearing amazonite necklace

My friend Carole and I at a Jewelry show! She wears horn & gold necklace and I have an amazonite and gold necklace.

Chunky bead necklace

Baby Rosie with her nana, wearing Kazuri bead necklace.

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